Mikhail Alekseyevich Zabrodin, MD

Medical lawyer,
Judge, chairman of department of medical disputes "The southern regional arbitration",
The manager of travmatologo-orthopedic unit of MBUZ "A municipal hospital No. 1 of N.A. Semashko of Rostov-on-Don".


1998 - 2004г. Rostov State Medical University, Pediatric faculty.

2004 - 2005г. Rostov State Medical University, internship on surgery, primary specialization in traumatology and orthopedics.

2006 - 2010г. Southern Federal University, Law Faculty.

2009 - 2011г. Rostov State Medical University, Residency programs on traumatology and orthopedics , department of traumatology and orthopedics, and sport medicine.

2012 - 2016г. Rostov State Medical University Postgraduate study on traumatology and orthopedics, department of traumatology and orthopedics, and sport medicine.

2016 - 2017г. Applied kinesiology Academy of professor Vasilyeva in Moscow.

2016г. Russian academy of medico-social aftertreatment in Moscow department of Manual therapy.

2016 -2017г. Clinical neurodynamics, myofascial technicians, joint technicians. (Aleks Sapir, Israel). Full course.

2016 -2018г. Institute of Functional Neurology named after Jose Palomar, Moscow. Method P-DTR®. Full course.

Publications and patents:

  1. Patent for an invention "Way of differential diagnostics of stages osteoarthrosis of a knee joint » № 2014153253, 03.06.2016.

  2. Patent for an invention "Way of forecasting of predisposition to development of a posttraumatic osteoarthrosis of a knee joint" №2014153254, 25.12.2014.

  3. 30 publications and articles.

Is engaged in diagnostics and treatment of injuries and diseases of a musculoskeletal system, peripheric nervous system, aftertreatment after injuries and operations. In treatment uses P-DTR technique (structural, biochemical, emotional and meridian ways of correction).

Russia, Rostov-on-Don, Voroshilovsky avenue 105th, case 5, office 3

Tel: +7 (928) 226-27-09

Email: dr.zabrodin@rambler.ru