Knee instability and exercises

Exercises could be very dangerous when the knee (or any other joint) is unstable. Some people claim that we can fix the issue by exercises, maybe it works in some cases, but in majority of the cases it will cause more compensation and decompensation in the end resulting in traumas and pain symptoms.

Instability of knee in most cases comes from muscle disbalance. In this case on the video we have 2 problems - first , weakness of quads caused by df in medial collateral ligament. Everyone knows about musculo- ligaments reflexes and once there is an excessive signal in the ligament it will inhibit the reflex of associated muscles.

Second issue was instability of the patella, caused by weak popliteus muscle. Knee was more stable after the first treatment , but patella wasn’t and the movement still caused pain. And the actual df in patella was caused by maxilla problems. The pain disappeared 100% after the correction. Took 10 min for everything and now it’s safe to exercise))